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The oldest preserved cast parts - weapons and cult objects made of copper - originate from the Middle East and India. They date back to the period around 3.000 BC. It is possible that metal casting technology, using moulds originated in the Middle East. However, there are suggestions that this process may have been developed in India and China.

The melting ovens of the early Iron Age can partly be traced back to ceramic burning ovens. The model and mould building was mastered very well from the beginning. Lost moulds made of loam and clay, wax models, single piece-work as well as permanent moulds made of stone and metal for the serial production of casting parts were already used. The production of hollow spaces by using cores, has already been proved by the oldest casting parts discovered.

  • First machines were developed for \" line-o-type \" printing using Lead alloys.
  • Die casting machines for engineered parts was developed in USA by Doehler. Patented in 1905.
  • First machines were hand operated, often using compressed air directly on the metal, lead or zinc.
  • Modern machines use hydraulics to develop high pressures (several thousand psi ) & very fast fill times.
  • Cold chamber machines were developed for high melting point alloys Al, Mg, Brass, Stainless steel & Uranium.

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