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Indian Foundry Industry

The Indian Metal Casting (Foundry Industry) is well established & producing estimated 9.344 Million MT of various grades of Castings as per International standards.

The various types of castings which are produced are ferrous, non ferrous, Aluminium Alloy, graded cast iron, ductile iron, Steel etc for application in Automobiles, Railways, Pumps Compressors & Valves, Diesel Engines, Cement/Electrical/Textile Machinery, Aero & Sanitary pipes & Fittings etc & Castings for special applications.

However, Grey iron castings have the major share i.e. approx 68% of total castings produced.

There are approx 4500 units out of which 85% can be classified as Small Scale units & 10% as Medium & 5% as Large Scale units.

Approx 800 units are having International Quality Accreditation. Several large foundries are modern & globally competitive & are working at nearly full capacity. Most foundries use cupolas using LAM Coke. There is growing awareness about environment & many foundries are switching over to induction furnaces & some units in Agra are changing over to cokeless cupolas.

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